Speech 6

Speech 6

Speech 6-Final Speech Page Project: Secrets to My Success (or Promoting Yourself)

This Project is Pass/Fail: For this final speech, you will imagine that everyone in this class has a say in your success.  Your goal should be to convince us that you should pass this class.  To do so, you’ll need to consider ALL of the work, feedback, experiences, struggles, success, and general blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the last 6 weeks.  Use those specific examples to shape the content of your speech.  Please draw on the work you’ve assembled already on your Final Speech Page and direct us to specific examples.  Be concrete with your examples and help make your case. You could imagine that although your audience is filled with pleasant people, they want to understand your value as a member of this class; your audience is careful, measured, and discerning.  Convince them you should ascend.

This speech should be persuasive, have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion; 2-4 minutes is the perfect amount.  Visual aids help, but are not required.

Post this speech on your Final Speech Page under the work you did last week (My Biggest Strides) and label this speech The Secrets to My Success.

Send me an outline with the link to your Final Speech Page by Thursday, August 8 by noon.  This cannot be late for credit.

Please note: I’d like to compile these Final Speech Pages to create a compilation page that spotlights the good work you’ve done this term. UNE is very much embracing ePortfolio, and the work you have been doing in this course is a great example of how this tool can enhance a classroom (“live” or online).  I’d really love to be able to show off your work, but if you’d rather not be part of the collection, just let me know.



Start: Going into this class I didn’t think much of public speaking because it always came naturally to me but I didn’t realize the different components that go into giving a speech


  • Body language
  • Saying the right thing at the right time
  • Tone

End: Thank everyone for helping me grow my ability to give speeches