Speech 5

Speech 5

SPEECH 5: Little Known Facts and Why Should I Care?

The title of this one explains it all!  This speech combines everything that we have been doing so far this semester, while focusing on using persuasive techniques to convince your audience that the topic is important.

First, you will need to research a topic of your choice that you think is important but very few people know much about.  Then you will need to explain to your audience what the topic is, and convince them that they should care about it, too.

Devote time to brainstorming, mapping, outlining, researching, and establishing a game plan for this presentation.  To add support to your discussion, you could imagine researching both on the internet as well as doing any in-person fact-finding.

When citing specifics from your research, make sure to include a Works Cited page in MLA format.  For this speech, 2-3 credible sources are required.  Credible popular or scholarly sources are both fine for this assignment.



The speech should be a minimum 5 minutes long and no more than10 minutes. 7 minutes is likely the sweet spot.  I’m asking that you have at least two visuals to help support your presentation.  They could take the form of objects, posters, or a PowerPoint presentation that you use in the video.  Make sure to turn in an outline and a Works Cited page with the final speech, in the same email, please.


GETTING STARTED: Begin researching topics and brainstorming your ideas.  Compose a working thesis statement for this speech and be prepared to “pitch” your topic it to me before posting the first dry run.  Your job is to SELL me on your ideas.   

Ask yourself:

What is the issue?

Climate Change Rates on Snowfall

Why wouldn’t it be well known to your audience?

Not many people understand the importance of snowfall rates beyond recreational winter sports.

What is at stake? 

  • water
  • healthy climates that aren’t prone to wildfires

Why would it be important for the audience to know and care about your issue?

Water is a key to life and snowfall becomes water run off. Which in certain areas becomes a large aspect of water rights and the amount of water that rural mountain towns have access to.


  • pause less
  • make it more impactful




  1. Introduction:
    1. Give an opening statement about why this matters to you
      1. Story of growing up in a small town that heavily relies on winter
    2. Introduce climate change
      1. Impacts it has on snowfall
    3. Body
      1. Give the science behind climate change
        1. How many degree’s it has warmed in the last two years
        2. How much it effects the environment over just snow fall
      2. Talk about water rights and snow fall
        1. Small towns
        2. High fire dangers
      3. Lively hoods that are at danger with it
        1. Money that comes from ski resorts
      4. Conclusion
        1. Build on the fact that people enjoy different winter activities
        2. Snow fall is a year round impacted event
        3. End with a hard fact


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