Speech 3

Speech 3


SPEECH 3Teaching a Skill:

We often have to teach others how to do something that we already know well.  Basic examples include teaching a child how to tie their shoes, showing a colleague how to set up a computer program, teaching a friend the rules of a sport, or carefully guiding someone through the steps prepare your favorite meal (think way beyond boxed mac and cheese here :)).  In this speech, you will teach your classmates a skill that you have mastered.  This speech should be at least 3 minutes (no more than 5) and you will need at least one prop to demonstrate this skill.  You will need to turn in detailed outline with this assignment, so include that with the email link you your final Youtube video.



Thesis Statement: This is the best way to possibly make a grilled cheese sandwich.  Especially when you aren’t feeling good or are homesick.


  • AVOID THE WORD LIKE (so that flow continues to be smooth)


  • What am I teaching (how to make a grilled cheese)
  • Show them a finished product
  • Explain why I picked it


  • Explain the process of making a grilled cheese
    • Give both explanations 
      • Normal pan + butter process
      • Lazy college kid toaster oven process
  • Maybe take a bite
    • Add some break to show personality 


  • give some extra tips
  • wrap it up
  • “This sandwich has always made me feel like I was at home”