Speech 1

Speech 1


Personal Communication Style:

  • Comfortable communicating
  • Confident in what I’m saying
  • Easy to talk to
  • Professional conversations with strangers

Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • When I get nervous I tend to speak faster and more quietly
  • Tend to stumble over words if nervous
  • When I practice I can be confident
  • If I am more educated on the topic I have an easier time speaking to people


  • Being confident all the time in what I am saying
  • Taking my time to fully get my point across
  • Make stronger connections with the audience

Worst Case scenarios:

  • I completely mess up everything I was attempting to say and get completely judged by the audience
  • Becoming too emotional to continue speaking


In the world today the demand for the ability to public speak has become a norm.  Every person has different tools and tricks that they have had to create in order to be able to public speak.  Some of these are considered a communication style.  Personally my communication style is very relaxed and approachable.  When I am making the effort to speak to someone I want them to be able to have a conversation with me that is comfortable.  Similar my speeches are very filled with personality and are easy to follow.  This is a strength of mine, being able to carry a conversation or give a speech with confidence when I know the information that I speaking about.  One down fall of this is that when I get nervous and am not feeling confident I will speak faster and at a quieter tone which can lead to disaster. When public speaking everyone has this concept of “Worst Case Scenarios”  and personally mine would be that I get heavy judgement from the audience or I become overly emotional to the point that I can no longer finish the speech I am attempting to make.  Over this course I would like to improve on my capability of having confidence through anything and be stronger at articulating my points.