Journal Week 1 July 3 – July 7

Journal Week 1 July 3 – July 7

JOURNAL # 1 : One of the largest points that the author drew on was the aspect that having the ability to public speak allows people to have more opportunities.  That more jobs are available to the people that can carry a strong conversation and give a speech. Another aspect that I personally found very interesting is the fact that when giving a speech it is important to make every person in the audience to feel included that they are a part of something.  Creating a real connection with the people that you are speaking to will ultimately lead to a stronger outcome with the public speaking. That also plays a key role with body language and eye contact.  All of these factors can play a key role in what makes a good speech.

Journal #2: One item that is around most homes that gets looked over rather frequently is the passport.  This means a lot to me because of the fact that it is a map of all the places that I have been. After being abroad it holds many memories while also keeping a timeline of everything that has happened.  It comes across as a typical little blue book but it becomes the ticket for escaping the life that you have. Being someone who is constantly looking forward to the next adventure it allows me to keep my eyes open to what could be next.


Opening: Explain the passport and how it is just an object when in the household

Body: Discuss the importance of how it opens doors to different cultures

Close: A map of the places you’ve been while also giving you the opportunity for the places you’ll go