Critique Own Work and Others

Critique Own Work and Others

When I initially started taking ENG 122 and realized that we would be doing so much peer-review I was really uncomfortable.  The reason I was so uncomfortable was because even in high school I wasn’t very strong at peer-review. I always felt that I was either too harsh or saying it wrong or just wasn’t giving enough advice.  One of the many places that it can really be seen this apprehension for peer-review is the very first essay that we had to peer-review for that class which was the entry prompt.  For the entire paper I wrote one comment.

Some examples of my peer-review at the beginning of ENG 122:

Peer- Review work on a classmates entry prompt

Slowly over the semester I started to become more comfortable with the idea of critiquing others work.  After awhile I started to look at the global revisions rather then the local.  It really helped me realized that I may not be the best at grammar but I am good at taking the time to stop and see if an essay really has a flow and if it gets the ideas that are being attempted to get across really make sense. This semester in ENG 123 my ability to peer-review really grew. I also started working more on taking peoples advice and running with it.  If they gave me an idea of something that I could build on I would make a point to work with it if it would benefit my paper.

Examples of peer review ENG 123: