Revision Reflection 1

Revision Reflection 1

Since last class and this class I haven’t had very much time to sit down and work on the changes that I plan to make.  The total is leaning towards 3 hours as of right now.  Some of the feedback that I got on my essay was along the lines of cleaning up the structure of the ideas and making them more clear.  Also I needed to complicate Alexander.  My introduction was one of the main places that I needed to clean up.  For starters I needed to explain the research that I did and the main point that I was trying to make with that research.  For that aspect I took the moment where I explain what I did research on further up in the intro paragraph to try and help the reader understand the work that I did.  Then I’m going to move a few paragraphs around so that my essay has a smoother change from paragraph to paragraph.  Then I will expand my conclusion because as of right now it is very generic and doesn’t further explain the work that I did and how it all connects to the authors.  Within the other paragraphs I plan on bringing more connections to Gee and Delpit so that it can further prove my point.

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  1. Hi Meg,

    It looks like you still have quite a bit of work to do to pull this paper together. Your process this semester hasn’t been as consistent as it was last semester. As a result the paper you’re writing isn’t as far along as it should be at this point.

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