Personal Needs

Personal Needs

Literacy Narratives:

  1. “I don’t Read”- Safety, Challenge
  2. “Passion for writing”-Discovery, Drama
  3. “Changing the vents”- Challenge, Growth
  4. “ACF”- Growth, Challenge, Speaking out
  5. “Saving Pages”- Safety, Attention
  6. “Road to failure”- Challenge, Overcoming
  7. “Live or Die”- Safety, Attention
  8. “The Rollercoaster”-Power, Growth
  9. “Finding the support for succeeding”- Growth, Change
  10. “Burdo’s Lesson”- Connection, Contribution

When placing these literacy narratives into categories. They start to have a large amount of similarities.  In most of the narratives we see that everyone goes through different challenges and growth.  In order to archive their ultimate goals.

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